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Hells Angels move in to Bandidos turf


THE Hells Angels have invaded Bandidos territory, sparking fears of a bikie war in Gold Coast suburbs.

The Bulletin can reveal that a Mermaid Beach house has been rented by alleged Hells Angels associates, who have been showing off their `81' supporter hoodies (eight refers to the letter `H' and one to `A', the initials of the group).

The two-storey duplex on Albatross Avenue is 30m from the beach and next door to mansions owned by Gold Coast movers and shakers.

It is walking distance to the Bandidos' clubhouse in Cronulla Avenue and the East Coast Ink tattoo parlour, which is linked to senior Bandido and Robina Town Centre shooting victim Jacques Teamo. East Coast Ink was shot up in April.

The Hells Angels associates living at the Albatross Ave home are not believed to be members of the Brisbane chapter of the gang.

Gang sources were stunned that the Hells Angels would move in so close to the Bandidos -- just 2km from the Bandidos stronghold.

The Hells Angels employed similar tactics in Sydney before opening a Bondi Beach chapter in February.

"What are they thinking? Just around the corner from the Bandits? That's bullshit," said insiders.

The Bulletin saw five heavyset, tattooed men driving two hatchbacks at the Mermaid Beach property over two days.

Senior police said they were `unaware' the Angels had set up a base in the heart of the Glitter Strip and feared the gang was continuing to push into the Coast.




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