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It was my life or theirs: bikie shooter

21 Sep, 2010 09:00 AM

A man accused of murdering two people, including a senior Rebels bikie, says he was ''like a scared bloody chook'' moments before shooting the men.

Russell Norman Field said ''it was my life or theirs'' shortly after Richard 'Rebel Rick' Roberts and Gregory Peter Carrigan knocked at his door on March 24, 2009.

The ACT Supreme Court heard the two men were shot dead at close range about 100m apart on Couchman Crescent in Chisholm.

Field has pleaded not guilty to both charges of murder, with his lawyers arguing the shootings were self defence.

''This for me is like what you see on TV ... I went from eating a chicken sandwich to that in about an hour or so,'' Field said in a police interview played in court.

Field said he was chased out of the house, with Roberts and Carrigan threatening to ''break his neck'', swearing and throwing objects.

Field said he was cornered in the garage where he slept, looked for a baseball bat before heading to his gun locker. ''I ran and grabbed the gun and went whack towards the doorway.''

He said he later ran from Roberts who he knew as ''Rick'' or ''Fatty'' before turning on him and firing the double-barrel shotgun. ''I just turned around and I didn't even think ... I was being threatened, my life was so damned threatened.''

After shooting the men, Field said he returned to his garage to drop off the gun. He put a tarpaulin over Carrigan's body and moved the dead men's cars. He was arrested about an hour after the shooting at the top of his street.

Field said the Rebels had previously stolen his VT Holden Commodore and had threatened to kill him if he talked to police. Field said members of the Rebels had also threatened to kill members of his family. ''I can't seem to fathom what's happened today,'' he told the officers.

At one point during the police interview, Field tells the detectives he had ''screwed my life'' and asks them ''what will happen to me honestly?'' ''I'm about to vomit thinking about what's happened''. He described the men as having large builds and ''I'm a Rebel, I'm a wanker tattoos''.

''In this society we don't need people like that.''



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