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Vince Focarelli set for release amid fears of revenge in son's murder

FORMER gang leader Vince Focarelli, who has survived six attempts on his life, is set to be released from prison as early as tomorrow.

The Parole Board has approved a residential address nominated by Focarelli - almost a fortnight after refusing his first requested location because it was not deemed safe.

Neither senior police or Correctional Services would comment on Focarelli's release provisions yesterday because of "safety and security reasons".

"As with every prisoner being released on parole, the department assists the Parole Board where required in relation to the assessed requirements of the individual," Correctional Services chief executive David Brown said.

Strict conditions on Focarelli's release

Vince Focarelli's father

Vince Focarelli outside the Adelaide Magistrates Court during an earlier hearing.

The Advertiser understands police have been preparing for Focarelli's release and many senior detectives are bracing for a resumption of the gang violence that has surrounded him in recent years, largely resulting from the ambush murder of his son, Giovanni, last year.

"The problem is he knows who killed Giovanni and shot him and they know that he knows," a senior detective said.

"It may well be a case of them getting to him first before he has a chance to retaliate.

"His problem is he has little support now. His former allies are either in jail, have joined his rivals or have simply moved on. But don't expect either party to walk away from what has happened."

Vince Focarelli's father

Vince Focarelli leaves the District Court in a prison van.

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In the District Court on March 20, Focarelli was jailed for 19 months with a 14-month non-parole period after pleading guilty to possessing a firearm without a licence and one count of possession of a controlled drug. With time served, he was eligible for automatic release on Good Friday, provided the Board approved his accommodation.

He was charged after a bloody ambush at Dry Creek in January last year as Adelaide's gang wars peaked, in which his son Giovanni was fatally wounded.

Focarelli was shot four times in the same incident.

Vince Focarelli

Vince Focarelli failed in his bail application. He is pictured today leaving the District Court in a corrections van. Picture: Higgs Greg

While Focarelli's address is secret, he will be subject to stringent monitoring by police and Correctional Services.


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