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Georgia Geary, daugher of ex-Bandidos Cairns leader Maxwell Geary, claims she is a police target

Ex-bikie's daughter targeted by cops

The daughter of ex-Bandidos Cairns boss Maxwell Patrick Geary (above) says she's being unfairly targeted by police. Source: News Limited

The tattooist daughter of a former north Queensland Bandidos president says she's been unfairly targeted by police.

Georgia Geary, whose father Maxwell Geary is the former leader of the Cairns chapter of the bikie gang, says she's been harassed because police think her father is involved in her tattoo parlour.
Officers kept watch outside Mission Ink, at Mission Beach, south of Cairns, 24 hours a day over three days last week, she says.
They also allegedly searched Miss Geary's car and continue to question customers.

"This is definitely harassment, it's a violation of human rights," 18-year-old Miss Geary told AAP.

"It's hurting my business and the other businesses nearby."

Miss Geary says her father, a Bandidos member for 15 years, has no involvement in her business but does work out of an office at the back of the studio.

"Police need to understand that's all the involvement he has," she said.

No club members visit the parlour and she isn't part of the club herself, she says.

Police have targeted tattoo parlours and clubhouses since the anti-bikie gang legislation was brought in last week.

But despite other businesses being monitored, Miss Geary says she's been unfairly targeted because her father is Maxwell Geary.
Mr Geary served as the Cairns president for about a decade before becoming the Mission Beach president a year ago.

He is due to face court next month on fraud, drug and property charges.

Mr Geary retired from the Bandidos last week out of concern he would be charged under the new laws, which carry hefty prisons sentences.

Both chapters have also shut down for the same reason, Miss Geary says.

Miss Geary has known many Bandidos members over her life and describes them as "big teddy bears".

Comment has been sought from Queensland Police.