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Hells Angels swoop on Coast for weekend


HUNDREDS of Hells Angels motorcycle gang members are expected to descend on the Gold Coast today as part of the outlaw organisation's national run.

More than 200 patched members, many from interstate, are expected this afternoon after leaving the Trade Link Drive clubhouse at Browns Plains.

They will stay in Surfers Paradise over the weekend.

Despite the gang not having territory on the Glitter Strip, the run is seen as a show of force, with a number of gang members living in the city.

Police say the timing of the run sends a clear message after shots were fired into a Hells Angels gym that sits in Finks heartland in December.

Senior police said the shooting was a "get out" warning as the Finks moved to reclaim their territory now that senior gang members including Shane Bowden and Nick "the Knife" Forbes are back on the streets.

The Finks' run of the northern corridor of the Gold Coast has been under threat from the rival gang, which is said to be pushing to expand its territory from its Browns Plains base.

Police sources said the gang was considering a permanent base on the Gold Coast, but any move would start a turf war.

Violence erupted between the gangs during the Ballroom Blitz at Royal Pines six years ago.

Senior Sydney Hells Angels are behind the rapid expansion.


Task Force Hydra, set up to fight outlaw motorcycle gangs in Queensland, will shadow the bikies throughout the weekend.

Police said they would manage the run to ensure the safety of all motorists and members of the public, and would address any criminal activity and traffic infringements should they occur.

The policing response to the run will involve State Crime Operations Command's outlaw motorcycle gang unit, Task Force Hydra, together with officers from the regions, State Traffic Support Branch, and Operations Support Command for a collective statewide effort to monitor and manage the activities for the next three days.

Meanwhile, police charged a 27-year-old Finks member with unlawful possession of a weapon after three men were arrested at Runaway Bay yesterday.


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