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Mercanti's partner outlines violent acts

SEAN COWAN, GABRIELLE KNOWLES and CHRISTIANA JONES, The West Australian Updated January 24, 2012, 2:40 am


Mercanti s partner outlines violent acts



Troy Mercanti's long-term partner Tammy Kingdon has given police a statement in which she claims the bikie bashed her on at least three occasions in the past five years, sparking underworld fears that she could become a valuable police supergrass.

Mr Mercanti, 44, was yesterday charged with three counts of aggravated assault of Ms Kingdon and one of doing an act intended to cause her bodily harm after the mother of his children decided to leave him and have him prosecuted for his alleged violence.

It is understood the move followed an incident on January 6 in which Ms Kingdon was allegedly beaten despite protests from some of Mr Mercanti's friends.

_The West Australian _understands Ms Kingdon has the couple's two children and has been under the protection of gang crime squad officers since Friday.

Mr Mercanti's discovery of her decision to co-operate with police is thought to have sparked his bizarre rampage through Duncraig early on Sunday morning, which ended when he was arrested while trying to smash through a glass door.

The bikie had recently returned from a Finks national run in Queensland.

Police prosecutor Sgt Andy Elliott told Perth Magistrate's Court yesterday Mr Mercanti had been "quite full of amphetamines" during the rampage. Sgt Elliott did not give the court any evidence about the alleged drug use.

Underworld sources said that Ms Kingdon could provide police with valuable information about Mr Mercanti's 10 years with the Coffin Cheaters, his expulsion from the gang in 2008 and his activities with the Finks since late 2008. She was with Mr Mercanti from about 1996.

Mr Mercanti's associates and former associates were now concerned she would also provide police with intelligence about their activities.

Mr Mercanti, who was under armed guard at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital yesterday, was not required to appear in court, but is expected to recover in time to appear tomorrow.

He will also face charges of trespass and damage related to the Duncraig incident, which took place 500m from the house he shared with Ms Kingdon.

Yesterday, his lawyer Alana Padmanabham told Magistrate Michael Wheeler that her client was being treated for "significant physical issues", but had been able to give her instructions.

Police will allege Mr Mercanti broke four of Ms Kingdon's ribs during the attack on January 6, which took place at home after they had been out for dinner with friends. Mr Mercanti allegedly ordered the others to leave, but two of his guests had tried to intervene.

It will also be alleged Mr Mercanti beat Ms Kingdon unconscious during the attack and, when she ran screaming and naked from the house, he dragged her back inside and continued to assault her.



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