The jury in the bikie trial in the Supreme Court, Parramatta, has reached a verdict on some of the seven defendants before it, but is divided on others.

This afternoon, Justice Robert Hulme, who has heard the case since its opening on June 25, told the jury to keep deliberating.

He said that experience had shown juries could make decisions if given enough time to discuss the issues.

The jury was sent out three weeks ago.

Before the court are Mahmoud Hawi, 30, the national president of the Comanchero, Farres Abounader, 29, Ishmail Eken, 28, Zoran Kisacanin, 24, Christian Menzies, 28, Usama Potrus, 28, all of whom have been charged with murder and an either affray, riot or both.

The one Hells Angel on trial, David Padovan, 27, has been charged with riot and affray.

During a brawl between Comancheros and Hells Angels at Sydney Airport on March 22, 2009, Anthony Zervas, an associate of the Hells Angels, was bashed and stabbed. He died of his injuries.

Justice Hulme told the jury that he could not arrive at a verdict on the alternative charge of riot and affray with the six Comancheros unless it had reached a unanimous verdict of not guilty on the primary charge of murder.

The jury has resumed its deliberations.