The Fink's Richard Michail.

The Fink's Richard Michail. Photo: Craig Abraham

THE sergeant-at-arms for the Finks motorcycle gang, Richard Michail, and his accomplice Matthew Ward are unlikely to qualify as criminal masterminds after they were recently found guilty of stealing a $400,000 Lamborghini from a Port Melbourne dealership.

The Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera was always going to attract attention, but police discovered the canary-yellow car less than two kilometres from where it was pinched - directly in front of the Finks' Port Melbourne clubhouse.

The County Court was told Michail entered Lorbek Prestige Cars on May 25, 2010, as Ward waited outside the dealership.

Both men were wearing black T-shirts emblazoned with the gang's name, while Michail made no attempt to conceal prominent tattoos on his throat, neck and hands.

The bikie enforcer threatened the dealership's managing director, Srecko Lorbek, with a pistol after slamming his head into the rear window of an Audi A4.

Michail demanded $50,000 before fleeing the Plummer Street car yard in the stolen vehicle.

Police did not have to travel far to find the car or the culprits.

The Lamborghini - with plates 690 069 - was parked in front of the Finks' clubhouse in nearby Bertie Street, along with a black Monaro that was also used in the robbery.

Police swooped on the clubhouse and uncovered a bag used in the armed robbery, although no gun was found.

Michail's defence team had unsuccessfully argued that Michail and his accomplice were collecting a debt on behalf of another car dealer, who was owed about $500,000 by Mr Lorbek.

A jury found Michail, of Port Melbourne, guilty of armed robbery, while Ward, of Happy Valley in South Australia, was found guilty of robbery. Both men will be sentenced by Justice Mark Dean on April 11.

According to police sources, Michail also has close links with the Comanchero motorcycle gang.

He is believed to have negotiated a lease for the gang's clubhouse, which is also located in Port Melbourne.

Mr Lorbek made headlines this month when his former wife, Judy Lorbek, was charged by the Australian Federal Police with dishonestly appropriating Commonwealth property.

Judy Lorbek accidentally received $2 million in her bank account in erroneous child support payments, which she used for shopping sprees and mortgage repayments.