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Press Release-Patched Clubs to Challenge the NSW Government


The umbrella group for NSW patched motorcycle clubs is about to challenge the NSW Government to debate the anti-association laws that it so hastily enacted 12 months ago.

This is what should have happened in the first place before any laws were made. Seeing the government has failed to act on this legislation the UMC NSW believes the whole concept should be debated and if it cant justify  its knee jerk legislative reaction in the public arena then it should admit it was wrong and withdraw the so called anti association laws, ........, a spokesman from the UMC said.


Campaign announced


On Saturday, June 5 the UMC NSW will begin a nine month campaign to have these issues debated publicly before the 2011 state election in March. The first event will be The Challenge for the Truth Ride to State Parliament House to issue a public challenge to several politicians, high ranking Police officers and will be followed by a series of public events that the general motorcycling community is encouraged to support, culminating in a major protest ride in the lead up to the next state election.

These laws affect both riders and the general public because they give Police power to declare any group that they so choose. The legislation does not limit its application and mainstream groups should be very concerned as to who it will be applied to next!


For further information call Ferret on 02 967-63166 after 11 oclock or go to  and go to Upcoming events for all details of the days events.





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