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Bikie allegedly spat on worker

A FORMER high ranking Bandidos member is facing potential assault charges after he allegedly made threats to a 20-year-old McDonald's employee and then spat in his face, according to police.

The 38-year-old man, believed to be a former Gold Coast branch president of the outlaw bikie gang, was one of several hundred Bandidos who were on the Sunshine Coast for their annual ride.

The Daily understands the Bandidos man and a blonde woman walked through the drive-through section of the McDonald's store on Bowman Road about 12.45am on Monday October 24.

Sources said that the man attempted to order food but was refused service and directed to come into the restaurant.

"When he was refused service he then made some veiled threats to the duty manager, referring to the fact he was at a resort with a large group of friends," a witness said.

"The staff member again refused and the offender then spat directly in the duty manager's face which struck him in the eyes."

The pair left the restaurant.

Police were called to the scene but were unable to locate the offenders.

A McDonald's staff member confirmed there had been an incident, but was unable to provide any details.

A police spokesman said uniformed crews attended an incident at the restaurant on Monday at 12.45am.

Detectives are investigating and have security vision from the restaurant, the spokesman said.

The alleged offender was described as being 180cm tall and had a small tuft of hair below his bottom lip.


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