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Bikie gang fear

27 Jun, 2012 09:18 AM

Police fear an Outlaw Motor Cycle Gang (OMCG) is preparing to establish a chapter within the shires of Parkes and Forbes.

Their concerns have prompted an appeal from Superintendent Bob Ryan of the Lachlan Local Area Command to business owners and residents of both towns for help in preventing it from happening.

Supt Ryan wants business and property owners who are approached by anyone they suspect may be connected to an OMCG seeking to buy their business, establish a business or gain employment to contact police on 6862-9977.

Police from Lachlan Area Command have been in touch with Parkes and Forbes Shire Councils as well as real estate agents and business owners in both towns advising them of police concerns.

He said that during the past weeks police had received confirmation of members of the Rebels OMCG visiting Parkes on at least three occasions.

Fifteen members of the Bandidos outlaw motor cycle gang were also in Parkes and Forbes last weekend.

It is understood that Rebels gang members have sought to purchase businesses, lease premises in industrial areas and gain employment with established businesses.

“Attempts have also been made to intimidate off-duty police officers,” Supt Ryan said.

“These are not guys who simply like to travel the country-side riding motor-bikes, they are gang members who use threats to seek compliance and we don’t want them in Parkes and Forbes.”

Police in Sydney are investigating Outlaw Motor Cycle Gang involvement in more that 50 drive-by shootings in the past year.

Only last week three members of the Rebels OMCG entered the grounds of Sydney High School and threatened students.

“OMCG members are typically involved in drug supply, extortion, intimidation, robbery and serious violence,” Supt Ryan said.

He issued this grim warning to businesses owners.

“If you employ an OMCG member, you can expect to have that person intimidate you into paying higher wages, strip you of control of your business, force you to allow your business to be used to launder money and in some cases sell you business to an OMCG at a price well below what it is worth.”

Supt Ryan said business most vulnerable included those in the hospitality, liquor, construction and machinery sectors.

“There should be no doubt that OMCG members are dangerous and violent criminals,” Supt Ryan said.

“The best defence is unity of action through strong proactive policing that prevents them getting a foothold in the community.”

Supt Ryan said local police with the assistance of the State Crime Command Gangs Squad and Strike Force Raptor will use every piece of legislation available to them in preventing the establishment of OMCGs within the communities of Parkes and Forbes.

“Anyone with information about Outlaw Motor Cycle Gangs or people you suspect may be involved with the gangs to contact police on 6862 PIGS or Crime Stoppers on 1800 BITE ME

“All information will be treated with the utmost confidentiality,” Supt Ryan said.


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