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Three more charges for Hells Angels member





A senior Hells Angels gang member charged with unlawful debt collecting is facing three fresh charges.

Andrew Sisson, of South Head, appeared in the North Shore District Court today to face new charges of unlawfully carrying a rifle, destroying fallow deer that were property of the Crown and criminally using a rifle to cause intentional damage.

Three other men, who have name suppression, are jointly charged with those offences.

They relate back to an incident on October 25 last year where the group were alleged to have carried out illegal debt collecting services.

Sisson was among a group of Hells Angels arrested after allegedly using a document titled "warrant to repossess" to take a Toyota Hilux ute and Dingo Digger from an undercover police officer.

The officer had posed as a debt-stricken  person under the name "William Baker".

Two other Hells Angels members were jointly charged with aggravated robbery in relation to the incident and another man was also facing that charge.

Sisson faces several other related charges including the theft of a Suzuki quad bike from an Auckland couple.

The charges relate to Sisson's involvement in the companies Rapid Recovery 2010 Ltd and Dirty Debtors Ltd which had a website to name and shame people owing debt.

He also faces charges of possession of three firearms including a Ruger bolt action .243, Ruger bolt action .308, a .22 rifle and 650 bullets.

He previously said he would defend the charges.

Today Sisson was casually dressed as he appeared on the new charges.

He was remanded on bail to re-appear in the court, along with his three co-accused, on the charges in March.

Police previously opposed bail because of Sisson's "seniority" within the Hells Angels.

Police were also concerned he would interfere with witnesses or prevent others from coming forward, and that he would continue working for the businesses.

His lawyer previously said Sisson had approached police to ask about the legalities of repossessing property and had "no intention of continuing with the business".

Judge David McNaughton said at a previous hearing that there was no evidence to show that Sisson would intimidate witnesses.

But he ordered Sisson, at the time, not to associate with debt collectors from the two companies, work alone as a debt collector or use anyone else to work as collectors under his instructions.

Judge McNaughton had asked about removing the Dirty Debtors Ltd website but changed his mind when told by Sisson's lawyer that it was not controlled by Sisson.


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