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Police concerned wedding of high-ranking Rebels club member in Brisbane could be disrupted by rival gangs in escalating bikies war

Tattoo parlour raided

POLICE are concerned the wedding of a high-ranking Rebels club member in Brisbane today could be disrupted by rival clubs in an escalating southeast Queensland bikies war.

The reception, at the RNA Showgrounds, has emerged on the radar after a series of cross-club skirmishes, including a botched drive-by attack on the Gypsy Jokers clubhouse at Everton Hills on Thursday night.

In a misguided effort to target the clubhouse, gunmen driving a silver Commodore with no registration plates sprayed eight bullets into the wrong industrial unit.

Earlier on Thursday came the latest reprisals in a Bandidos-Hells Angels feud triggered by arson and drive-by shootings at Bandido-linked businesses in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.


On Thursday, Norman Park tattoo parlour Platinum Ink and East Brisbane locksmith Millennium Locks, both linked to the Hells Angels, were invaded in daylight by five men in balaclavas and wielding baseball bats.

The Hells Angels have not lodged a complaint and the victims of the bashings, including those with broken arms, have been of little assistance to police.

The gang responsible for the attack is unknown but police sources have not ruled out the Rebels, who dominate Brisbane's northside, the Woolloongabba-based Bandidos or the Surfers Paradise-based Finks.

The new attacks have been linked to the encroachment of new-school Hells Angels in Queensland.


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Platinum Ink owner Peter Sidirourgos, a convicted amphetamine manufacturer hailing from a cadre of new-school Sydney Hells Angels with origins in Middle Eastern street gangs, had his Oxenford gym peppered with bullets in December.

Other signs of southern Hells Angels flexing north of the border include the appearance of a Melbourne "strikebreaker" of Middle Eastern appearance in full club colours outside a union picket line at a Brisbane construction site last month. A bikie source said local "old guard" Hells Angels had been caught up in attacks on the southern cadre and that the likes of Sidirourgos had nothing to do with the club's main state chapter in Logan.

"It's not a club issue," he said, adding that the high-profile violence of their Sydney counterparts was "embarrassing".

Arsonists on Tuesday set ablaze a car in a Moorooka saleyard owned by former Queensland Bandidos president and convicted heroin trafficker Mario Vosmaer.

Two hours later, Mermaid Beach tattoo shop East Coast Ink, linked to the Bandidos, was shot up in a drive-by which underworld sources said came after a breakdown in talks over the Hells Angels opening a rival parlour nearby.

Detective Inspector Garry Watts, of Task Force Hydra, said police had arranged to meet with senior Bandidos and Hells Angels amid concerns violent incidents could flare.

Police believed the disputes were local and not linked to interstate violence, he said.

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