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Bikies in the Tramps motorcycle club lose appeal to get guns and cancelled licences back

BIKIES from the smallest motorcycle club in Victoria have lost an appeal to get their guns and cancelled licences back from Victoria Police.

The Victorian Firearms Appeal Committee have upheld a decision by police Chief Commissioner Ken Lay to revoke seven of nine Tramps MC members firearms licences under a ``fit and proper person test’’. 

The Tramps are a small motorcycle club in Wangaratta with a fluctuating membership base of between nine and 13 members.

The committee ruled in favour of one applicant, Craig Norton, who is no longer a Tramps member and sells guns from his outdoor adventure shop, revoking Mr Lay’s decision.

Another Tramps member withdrew his application because he was prohibited a person to have a firearms licence.

But the committee found that although the Tramps were not necessarily an outlaw motorcycle gang, their association with those gangs, such as the Hells Angels, was ``inappropriate’’.

Tramps president, Ron Harding, is a friend of Hells Angel Ray Hamment Jnr.

Seven Tramps members will have to appeal to VCAT to continue the fight.

In August last year about 120 registered guns were seized during raids at properties across the state.

Gang members whose houses were searched included patched bikies from the Hells Angels, Bandidos, Rebels, Comancheros, Bros, Gypsy Jokers, Finks, Tramps and Coffin Cheaters.

Members from other motorcycle clubs are also appealing to get their guns returned.

Some of the Tramps applicants were present when the Hells Angels and other bikie gang members attacked members of the Diablos in Melton in March this year.

None of the Tramps members who witnessed the incident on March 1 reported it to police.

Later that night Bandidos national Sergeant-at-Arms Toby Mitchell was shot by Hells Angels in an ambush outside the Diablos clubhouse.


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