Victim ... Anthony Zervas.

Victim ... Anthony Zervas.

Bikie boss Mahmoud "Mick" Hawi has been convicted of murder following the death of a bikie during a brawl at Sydney Airport.

Anthony Zervas, 29, an associate of the Hells Angels through his brother Peter, was bludgeoned with a bollard and stabbed in the chest and abdomen in the fight on March 22, 2009.

Hawi, 31, Farres Abounader, 30, Ishmail Eken, 29, Zoran Kisacanin, 25, Christian Menzies, 29, and Usama Potrus, 29, all Commancheros, pleaded not guilty in the Supreme Court, Parramatta, to charges of murder and associated offences of riot and affray.

Hells Angel David Padovan pleaded not guilty to riot and affray.

Mr Zervas had travelled from Wollongong, after getting the call from Hells Angels chapter president Derek Wainohu to meet him at the airport and to protect him against Commanchero members.

The trouble began when Mr Wainohu and six Commancheros happened to board the same flight, QF 430, in Melbourne, to travel to Sydney.

Mr Wainohu sat in row 39. He saw the Commancheros come on board and sit in rows 43 and 44.

He became worried, especially when, according to the evidence, Hawi "glared" at him.

Mr Wainohu and the Commancheros started text messaging for reinforcements, assuming there would be a confrontation.

When the plane arrived at Sydney Airport, Mr Wainohu got off with the Commancheros and there was a brief scuffle at the end of the air bridge.

The group then moved into the departure hall where reinforcements for both sides were waiting.

The brawl continued, before horrified spectators. Weapons recovered later included knuckledusters, a baton and a broom handle with a sharpened end. A knife was later found abandoned in a drain.