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Comanchero Poker Run - More tax payer money being wasted for no results - straight out harassment


Yet another example of police overkill as the whole group of bikes, being around 60, were stopped by blocking the road and individually license and rego checked as well as most bikes being checked for exhaust noise and riders breath tested.

Riding up to this point could be described as sedate and law abiding and in no way deserving of the premeditated disruption and harassment perpetrated by the NSW police force.

The first leg of the run took us from Fairy Meadow through the main streets of Wollongong, Port Kembla and Shell Harbour before stopping at a golf club at the southern end of shell harbour. The usual escort of marked and unmarked police vehicles as well as a police helicopter shadowed the group on the entire first leg. The police vehicles waited at the entrance to the golf club while the helicopter hovered above while the ride participants got cards and a beverage and enjoyed the view as well as mingling with golf club patrons. In all, a stop of around 45 minutes. As the ride assembled for departure the police were once again on the move and pulled over about half the group for a random breath test as we left the premises of the golf club. The half that were not pulled over assembled about 100 metres down the road awaiting the police completing their act of futility. After the 15-20 minute delay we headed south toward Kiama on the old road where unmarked police cars were forcing their way into the group of bikes until passing them to set up the road block ahead.

21 police vehicles were used to stop the ride and check everyone out as previously mentioned, taking approximately 1 1/2 hours while under the watchful eye of the hovering helicopter. The citizens on the ride were not the only folk inconvenienced by the police action as the road block closed the road for the 1 1/2 hours in both directions causing major disruption to all local traffic as none were allowed through while this police action took place.


We extended our congratulations (UMCNSW) to the Commanchero for their calm behaviour in the face of such obvious provocation from the police.


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