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Friend relives moment Bandidos enforcer shot

Jane Harper | 

Detective Senior Constable Mark Woodhead.

Detective Senior Constable Mark Woodhead.

A FRIEND of Bandidos enforcer Ross Brand relived the moment the bikie gang member was shot in a hail of bullets.

Matthew Quarrell told Melbourne's Supreme Court how he had been one of four men greeted by gunfire as they exited the Bandidos' Breakwater clubhouse in October 22, 2008.

"I went to leave and someone yelled out 'gunshots' so we ran back inside," Mr Quarrell said yesterday.

"I heard a couple of cracks."

John Bedson, 27, is accused of murdering rival gang member Brand and wounding another, Paul Szerwinski, after firing from a vehicle at a group of men standing outside the clubhouse.

Mr Quarrell told the court he was not a member of the Bandidos bikie gang, but was friends with the members and had been visiting them at the clubhouse on the day of the shooting.

He was shown CCTV footage of the moment Brand was shot, and identified himself among the men ducking inside the clubhouse for cover.

Crown prosecutor Christopher Ryan, SC, asked Mr Quarrell if he had heard the sound of a gun being fired or of bullets striking the clubhouse.

"I heard both," Mr Quarrell said. "Back in the clubhouse we got Paul and Ross because they had been hit and called an ambulance."

Earlier, the jury heard evidence from Geelong Criminal Investigation Unit's Detective Senior-Constable Mark Woodhead, who was among the first officers on the scene after the shooting.

"We walked to the front entrance of the clubhouse and observed a male lying down in the entrance hall, and another kneeling down beside him," Sen-Constable Woodhead said.

"The man on the floor was partially in the doorway.

"He had a gunshot injury to his head."

The trial continues before Justice Elizabeth Curtain.


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