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Shots fired as police pay visit

Car in Alexander Ave

A car in Alexander Ave, Ashford, in March, which was connected to an alleged Hindley St shooting.

MAJOR Crime detectives are looking for a person who fired a handgun inside an Ashford home while police were there.

Police were speaking to a Finks Motorcycle Club associate at the time.

Detectives say they believe the pistol was accidentally discharged while it was being dismantled in an upstairs bedroom of the house in Alexander Ave about 10.15am.

The shot penetrated an ensuite bathroom and then passed through a bedroom wall and on into the hallway.

Police arrested and charged an Elizabeth South man, 22, who is a Finks associate, with trafficking in controlled drugs and firearms offences, after a subsequent search allegedly uncovered a .308 rifle and telescope, a semi-automatic, ammunition and magazines, cannabis, steroids and what was believed to be methamphetamine.

The man was granted bail yesterday and is expected to appear in the Adelaide Magistrates Court next month.


Major Crime's Detective Inspector Mark Trenwith said: "It appears that it was an accidental discharge ... possibly the weapon was being dismantled in the bathroom because of police knocking on the door.

"It's possible someone ran out of the back yard shortly after the firearm was actually discharged. Inquiries are still going on at this time but we are trying to track down (the home-owner) and speak to him."

Detectives went to the house as part of an undisclosed "Major Crime investigation" but Det Insp Trenwith said it was not related to the double murder at Sandalwood this week.

He said the officers were stunned when the shot rang out."We're obviously very concerned about the operational safety of our members ... bikies are well known for having links to firearms offences," Det Insp Trenwith said.

Ballistics tests on the seized firearms will determine if they are linked to other crimes.

The arrest of the Finks associate follows an alleged shooting incident on Hindley St on March 3, which resulted in a Finks bikie member, 33, being arrested in Alexander Ave, Ashford.

However, the charges against him were later dropped.


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