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Bikies may have offered bounty after shooting

OUTLAW bikies are believed to have put a $500,000 price on the heads of a gang who allegedly shot the child of a former Finks gang member.

The boy, 11, was shot after armed intruders forced their way into a suburban Adelaide house on Friday night.

He was shot twice in the leg and is recovering in hospital. Police have received no co-operation from witnesses.

The Herald Sun understands the hospital where the boy is being treated remains on high security alert.

Police cars were seen parked outside and circling the hospital.

A source told the Herald Sun: "The Finks are offering $500,000 to bring this bloke into any clubhouse in Australia. Every crook in Australia knows about it."

Police were appalled by the incident, which is believed to be related to continuing bikie violence in South Australia.

All Finks chapters in Australia were notified of the alleged offer, a source said.

Police are still working towards solving the case before an outbreak of reprisals.

The boy, the son of a former Fink, was shot in a house in Sephamore while he was asleep.

The shooting followed years of feuding between the Finks and Hells Angels, which culminated in a brawl in Hindley St in May.

South Australia Police would not comment on the alleged bounty but said they were worried about an outbreak of violence.

"Police are aware and concerned about the possible escalation of violence between members of outlaw motorcycle gangs," a spokesman said.

"Crime Gangs Taskforce is actively monitoring the situation and are warning members not to retaliate in response to the weekend's events."

Police are urging anyone with any information about the bikie violence to come forward.

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