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Bikies roll through Bunbury

04 Jan, 2011 11:59 PM

ABOUT half of the Gypsy Jokers bikies on their annual long weekend run called through Bunbury at noon on Monday, shadowed clos-ely by gang crime squad police.

The estimated 50 bikies and the heavy police presence trailing them made many visible processions and stops throughout the city.

Bunbury Police Acting Senior Sergeant Laurie Stubbs said the main group had split up and dispersed through the city for several hours.

He said some members were denied access to venues by gang squad officers, with no assistance needed by local police.

“We had our resources ready to help them if need be but they were not required,” he said.

Police said the bikies had been camping at Logue Brook Dam in Harvey on Monday and Tuesday nights.

About 100 Gypsy Jokers bikies headed south from a Maddington headquarters at the start of the gang’s annual long weekend run on December 30.

Gypsy Jokers drive down Victoria Street on Monday under the close watch of gang squad officers.





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