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Bikies given leave pass for funeral

SEVEN Finks bikies accused of a violent Hindley Street nightclub brawl last year have been allowed to congregate for the funeral of a former club member.

The men - Malek Bou Said, Daniel Puddy, Brad Sheehy, Glen Smith, Peter Fontineas, Michael McCarthy and Wayne McCarthy - were under strict conditions through their Adelaide Magistrates Court bail agreements not to contact or be in association with one another.

But in court today Magistrate Paul Foley gave them permission to meet at the gang's Thebarton clubrooms next week to honour the member who recently died.

The court heard the men will first meet at Thebarton for a viewing of the deceased, proceed to the funeral service at Cheltenham and cremation at Enfield before returning to the clubhouse to collect belongings.

David Edwardson, QC, for the men, said returning to the clubhouse after the ceremony and cremation was part of the traditional service.


"It's a symbolic part of the procession, moving from the cremation to the clubhouse and that completes proceedings," he said.

Mr Foley agreed to vary the bail conditions on that day to allow them to attend but insisted the members disperse from the clubhouse immediately upon returning.

Mark Alessandrini, prosecuting, opposed allowing the men to return to the clubhouse because of recent alleged incidents of violence between the Finks and rival group the Hells Angels.

Mr Alessandrini said tension could escalate if the men remained in company with one another.

It has previously been alleged members of the Hells Angels were also involved in the City nightclub brawl in May last year but charges against them were dismissed.

The nightclub incident allegedly involved bar stools, bottles and table tops as weapons.

Nine Finks members have pleaded guilty to a charge each of aggravated affray over the fight.




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