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Bikie link to police - AFP officer stood down

A SENIOR Australian Federal Police official was stood down over allegations of a relationship with a known associate of a bikie gang.

Rhiannon McAdie, who had been responsible for ensuring positive media coverage for the AFP, volunteered details of her relationship with the man.

Police sources told The Daily Telegraph the man had links with the Rebels - one of Australia's most feared motorcycle gangs with about 2000 members.

Ms McAdie has been employed as a senior member of the AFP's media team, a role requiring a high security clearance.

It is understood the AFP has been conducting surveillance on the Rebels. There is no suggestion Ms McAdie knew of these operations, or acted improperly.

The AFP said it "has not established any allegations that operational security has been compromised as a result of any AFP employee's alleged association with outlaw motorcycle gangs".

The Rebels - Australia's largest bikie gang - has been the target of police raids in the past few years, including 49 raids in 2009 with 27 people arrested on drugs and weapons charges.

The AFP has worked closely with state police outfits to try to crack alleged criminal elements within outlaw bikie gangs.

In a statement, the AFP said it was "not appropriate ... to discuss an individual employee's security status or personal circumstances and therefore, the AFP cannot say anything that might confirm or deny your assertions regarding an individual employee".

"In general terms, every AFP employee is required to undergo a security clearance process," it said. "The onus is on employees to report any change that might impact on security status."

The Daily Telegraph has not been able to contact Ms McAdie, who is understood to be on extended leave.


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