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Angry Anderson to play for Finks


HARD-core rock god Angry Anderson tonight will play an exclusive gig for the Gold Coast chapter of the outlaw motorcycle gang the Finks.

The Rose Tattoo lead singer admits he has a long association with outlaw gang members and counts senior members of various gangs among his friends.

''The Rose Tatts have always been seen by the biking fraternity as one of their own.

''In a sense they have felt protective of us, almost a kinship.

''We have a lot in common with bikie clubs, we share certain characteristic traits.''

Anderson's performance will be a highlight for the Finks 20th anniversary of Ray's Rock Run to mark the death of Fink member Ray McGarry, father of Gold Coast member Noel McGarry.

''It's about a son honouring his dad,'' said Anderson.

The ride is expected to wind through the Hinterland toward Beaudesert before ending at the club's Wongawallan property.

Police had planned a major operation to target the outlaw gang, but it is understood the operation has been scaled back to simply monitoring the run.

Gold Coast District Superintendent Jim Keogh said police would maintain a presence throughout the day.


Rank and file officers who contacted the Bulletin were furious and said the bikies were being given 'free reign'.

''We should turn every single bikie over,'' said one officer. ''What kind of message does it send when the best the police can do is follow along behind them and take pictures?''

Anderson yesterday said he met the Finks through his tattooist in Sydney more than 30 years ago.

''I have dear friends in many clubs, mostly the old guard. I am the patron for the NSW chapter of the Vietnam Vets which is not a 1 per cent club, but they stand a foot in both camps.

'' I don't have a problem playing for a 1 per cent club. I don't moralise ... I am not here to make moral judgments.''



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