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Police seize more outlaw bikie gear

Hells Angels

Picture: AFP

POLICE have raided the northern chapter clubrooms of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club and seized several items for forensic testing.

A witness said the suburban street was shut down for several hours starting at 8.30am on Friday as Crime Gangs Task Force officers searched the clubrooms, which are opposite the Regency Park Community Centre.

A police spokesman would not say what items were seized, only that they related to "ongoing investigations" into illegal activities.

No arrests were made, but it is the third time in four months that the clubrooms have been raided.

In January police also refused to say what they had searched the Hells Angels premises for, but during another raid in December they had been searching for gunmen who, on September 30, shot the son of former Finks bikie Mark Sandery.


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