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Witness denies bikie gang members were ready for attack

Jane Harper | 

A FRIEND of Bandidos enforcer Ross Brand has denied gang members were "standing guard" against attack moments before he was shot dead.

Matthew Quarrell rejected suggestions at Melbourne's Supreme Court yesterday that he had been part of a group scanning the area outside the Bandidos' Breakwater clubhouse for suspicious activity.

"We weren't standing guard," Mr Quarrell, who is not a Bandido, told the court. "We were just leaving." (how this would make any difference I dont know..)

John Bedson, 27, is accused of murdering Mr Brand and injuring fellow Bandido Paul Szerwinski after firing six shots into a group of four men standing outside the clubhouse on October 22, 2008.

Defence counsel Ian Hayden suggested the appearance of a Hyundai Terracan, which pulled up outside the clubhouse some time before the shooting incident and paused before driving away, had prompted action from the four men who had been drinking inside the clubhouse. "Before the Terracan arrives, you were all inside the clubhouse enjoying yourselves," Mr Hayden said.

"After it arrives, you are all coming out and looking around."

The jury saw footage of Mr Quarrell, Mr Szerwinski and a third man, Gregory Gray, standing outside the clubhouse in the minute leading up to the shooting.

The images show Mr Brand joining the group just moments before shots were fired, one of which struck him in the forehead.

"I'm suggesting you were there to call out to Brand if the Terracan came back or if there was anything suspicious," Mr Hayden said.

But Mr Quarrell stood by an earlier statement he had made to police, in which he said the men had been leaving the clubhouse as a group when half a dozen shots were fired.

The court also heard evidence from McHarrys bus driver Frank O'Neill, who said he saw the occupants of a white twin-cab Hilux arguing shortly after the shooting.

"I followed the utility along Tucker St and it was annoying me because it seemed unsure where it was going," he said.

"We approached the intersection. The ute went through the red light and swung out in front of me on Breakwater Rd, which I thought was a bit odd and caught my attention.

"I saw two people in the front and it seemed the person in the passenger seat was arguing with the driver."

The trial is continuing.


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