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Springvale mum hails bikie gang

THE mother of a boy killed in an accident with a Rebels bikie has praised the outlaw motorcycle club’s response.

Robyn Tingey’s son Hayden was run over in December while walking in Springvale.

She contacted the Leader after seeing a story about a Rebels clubhouse opening in Croydon.

Mrs Tingey said she did not hold the club responsible for her son’s death.

“It was a tragic crash, that’s what it was,” Mrs Tingey said.

Club members called the ambulance and helped out at the scene, and have also given the family financial aid.

Mrs Tingey said Rebels members had donated money and also organised a concert last Saturday night to help the family out.

“They have shown us the biggest hearts we’ve ever seen,” she said.

“From our perspective, they couldn’t do anything more.”

Mrs Tingey said a number of Rebels went to Hayden’s funeral and showed respect by not riding their bikes to the event.

She said she lived around the corner from the Springvale Rebels’ clubhouse and had not known they were there.

Mrs Tingey encouraged people to look beyond tattoos and clothing to see the people underneath.

“I would actually be happy to have them as my next door neighbours,” she said.

The Croydon clubhouse, in an industrial area of Windsor St, opened last year.

Maroondah police monitored a pokie run the club did on January 21, and have reported no problems.

About 70 chapters and 2000 members nationwide make the Rebels Australia’s biggest bikie club.

Police say he has been charged with three counts of performing an indecent act in public, reckless driving and criminal damage.



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