Handy Hints! (just like womans farking weekly...)



Thats a big ugly socket I hear you say , and youd be right, but its necessary if ya want to remove your mainshaft sprocket nut if youve got a belt drive. Now ya wont use it often but if your mainshaft seal or the tiny one in behind it goes youll want one of these. I borrowed one from a mate last time I needed one, but seeing I was doing a paid job for another mate I thought I should buy one. However the only one available here in Oz that I could find is a Jims Tools one at $270 each. What I did was buy a 1 7/8 " AF socket for $25 and find a local friendly engineer who cut it in half and added 100 odd mm in the middle for $50. Works well.......just dont drop it on ya foot..