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Are you a participant?

AW Bale and Son Solicitors advice for Queenslanders.

Criminal Law Amendment Bill

Vicious Lawless Association Disestablishment Bill

News List


Heavy police presence overshadows bikie funeral

Galaxy poll: Bikie crackdown could cost Campbell Newman’s LNP 30 seats in Queensland Parliament

Bikie crackdown hurts motorcycle industry jobs


Lawyer Michael Kemp leaves Rostron Carlyle after representing Hells Angel drug trafficker

Brisbane Hells Angels bikies ranks fall



Warrant issued for president of bikie gang


Bail for police accused of on-duty rape

Lawyers furious over Newman slight

Police crack million-dollar-plus investment scam involving bikies


In Queensland, drinking with the wrong crowd can get you six months in solitary

Lawyers part of bikie machine: Newman


Tony Fitzgerald attacks bikie laws, 

Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie backed bikie boss "Big Brad" Hughes for hospital work contract

Prison officer speaks out against bikie laws


Yandina 5 members face string of drug trafficking and weapons charges in new twist to bikie association arrests

Court date today for 22 Bandidos involved in Broadbeach brawl.



Bleijie takes focus off 'everyday' motorcycle riders

Gold Coast police clerk accused of leaking information to her 'bikie' boyfriend says she has been unfairly targeted

From Face book.... unbelievable or what...


Former bikie gang presidents still living the high life


An alleged bikie who was locked up for associating has been freed on bail

Librarian and accused bikie Sally Louise Kuether freed on bail

So Why Is It Illegal For a Biker to Buy a Clothes Dryer in West End?



Three Victorian men, including two Hells Angels bikies, freed on bail after arrested under new laws



Newman links bikies to gyms as shopfronts for drugs


Civil rights, not bikes or bikies, the real issue

Libs rule out anti-bikie laws if elected


2,000 strong protest against Qld bikie laws


Brisbane woman accused of being a motorcycle gang participant charged after meeting two men at pub

Queensland police can't prove Victorians are bikies


Secret to getting bad laws repealed

Crime will keep rolling along despite LNP Government 


Taken for a Ride

Cross Border Bikie Shift- a Myth

Yandina Five post pictures of themselves in supporter T-shirts



Black Uhlan banned from surf clubs after threats made at Palm Beach Surf Club

Aerial surveillance video secretly captured Queensland Rebels bikies meeting Odin's Warriors in northern NSW

Rebels bikie gang member fined $2500 after he was busted wearing a 1% ring

Let the bikie High Court battle begin, Opposition leader Annastacia Palaszczuk says

Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie says police will decide if a tradesman is no longer gang member and can keep licence


Unions fund bikies High Court challenge against the Newman Government's anti-gang laws

Magistrate Cathy Wadley appears to back bail application for alleged bikies





The end justifies the means: why Queensland is losing the bikie war


Bundy's top traffic cop defends anti bikie laws


Pictures of police officers found in raid on Rebels bikie clubhouse as spying concerns raised

Union spokesman labels new gang law as 'ridiculous'

Hotel owners stick up for bikies, one posts welcome sign

Harley-Davidson calls for calm in Queensland

Lone Wolf standing strong


Arrest of three CMG members, Townsville

Bikie evidence to be secret forever


Bikie protests go international



Yandina 5 member Joshua Carew wins last-ditch bid for bail

Four questions the government 'can't answer' on bikie laws

Premier Campbell Newman says he does not like anti-bikie laws his government implemented


Video of Misfits biker Jamie Evans goes viral


Police target bikies who are law-abiding citizens in Queensland but break the law interstate

LNP Government's credibility in pursuing outlaw motorcycle gangs now rests on Yandina Five case

Draconian bikie laws bring backlash


Anonymous looks to help 'Yandina Five'

Qld Government refuses to rule out Anzac Day bikie raids


Probe launched into why Rebels were made to leave court

Electrician bikies to lose jobs by July, gang members or not


Challenge to Qld anti-bikie laws to reach High Court within weeks

Queensland’s Slippery Slope With VLAD

Campbell's ink clampdown a 'sham' says tattoo body

Former Rebels bikie sells Harley to fund sons' legal fees


Bikie laws fall foul of law of unintended consequences

Wife of alleged Qld bikie says prison visiting rights revoked

Statement about Queensland’s Vicious Lawless Association Disestablishment Act 2013

No need for more laws to contain bikie crime

(good piece from The Age)


Dear Jarrod, we need answers on bikie laws - now

Bikies’ family vow to sue Newman Government

Police grilled pizza delivery guy, not outlaw, claims lawyer


Arrest of National CMG President

Church threatened to kill sex abuse victim's father, say police

Use the force to beat bikies says union

What the? Newman staffers kindly explain it's illegal for three criminal gang members to have sex in public in Queensland


Taskforce Maxima arrest 5 CMG members, Gold Coast


Newman Government's bikie crackdown to target public servants with links to gangs


Writers miss the real threat posed by laws

Crime squad nets more street offenders than serious criminals in the war against bikies

28/12 a few days old ...but it amazed me!

Wuth: The Newman Government's extraordinarily harsh crusade against bikies could backfire


OPINION: Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie continues to push for mandatory sentencing despite evidence that it is ineffective

Taxpayers spend $70,000 improving anti-bikie politicians' homes





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