The Great (big pain in the arse..) Rebuild!


Sometimes ya get lucky......thru the local Harley parts shop and a friendly bloke named Doug I was put on to a painter Neil in San Remo who did the above tank job in 4 days for $300. I stripped the tanks back to metal first, for about the 4th time, which took all arvo on Monday..bloody stripper didnt want to touch one side for some reason, it was out with the gas torch and wire buff on the drill etc and still didnt get it 100%...and dropped the tanks off Tuesdy morning, and picked em up Friday arvo a few hours ago.Ya can see from the top pic I finally got the correct gas caps, ended up being just over $200 for the pair shipped from J&P in the states, so wasnt tooo bad.

For some reason the girls pics of the bike came out better than mine (getting dark..)but unfortunately feature me and my ever expanding waistline....At least ya cant see the shorts and thongs...



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