Gunalda and Thebine ride by Jim

hey...spent yesterdays beaut. Qld spring weather choofin round Gunalda & Theebine.......not far, but havent spent much time round that area before, so had a ball explorin th pubs & th old rickety bridge over th Mary River not far from th Theebine pub that th locals told us about.



Theres a nice campin spot over th other side where we met a coupla couples travellin round th country. Really nice guy, a yank, & he's missus live in Whangamata (where i used to hang a lot growin up in NZ)....they spend the winter months travelin year bringin his Harley over from NZ with them...i think he said around $3000 it cost to bring it over with them two comin over on th boat with it.....but as usual, i could have that figure wrong, so dont quote me!





......anyways, th Theebine is a really nice pub with friendly people running it.....last time i was there bout a year ago, there was th proverbial anti biker sign on th door & they werent  particularly "smiley" to even lil ol me.......but new people now & very friendly towards all.....they'r even holding a biker nite on Friday the 13th of October called "Bikers in the Bush" with band, barbeques & party with free campin out th back beside the beaut beergarden thats included in th pics also.....anyways, i had a great time fiddlin with our new cam. thruout th day too.....twas bout time we we did.....i think i can still afford me poison for th week!?!

....oh,reminds me, i gotta choof off into town to th bottlo!!.....geez, i gotta learn how to make me own whiskey...its gettin too bloody expensive!
anyways..cheers for now from Hoooooonsville... as th neighbors like to call us!






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