Up the Putty Again


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Brilliant Saturday arvo for a ride up to The Gladiators 50th Anniversary, course we cant go the easy way for us old fellas, so its a blast up the Putty and across to Maitland.

I could almost taste the pie at the top of the hill at the old restaurant and petrol station, but

sadly it wasn't to be....twas but a mere shell of its former self...no, not like me..!



The only good thing was, I wasn't riding a Sportster and looking at pushing it the rest of the way..


So we rested for a half hour or 15minutes if you were last.....and then tackled the rest of the bends....despite my good mate who shall remain nameless

trying to kill me 3 times by making turns he was indicating through telepathic means, if at all..., we trundled into some nameless dot on the map as it grew dark and met up with

the boys from Brisbane. A beer and a feed and it was off to the Gladiators 50th Anniversary.


And a good time was had by all except the 3 unfortunates who for various reasons had to come back to Sydney last night.

This has been added to my list as number 742 of   Things  To Never Do Again.

We farking froze..





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