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Storks '85 Wideglide

Stork got the bike when it was a few months old back in 86. In those days it had the red tank with maroon flames, and a slimmer standard front end.

I saw it at a party a few weeks ago, and had to get him  to come out so I could get some pics..

Harleys never stay stock for long, and this one being no exception started its evolution to its current gorgeous state over 15 years ago

The night I got patched the bike and its owner were involved in a pretty horrific accident, that saw a 12 month rebuild

reshape the bike close to its present state but without quite the same finishing touches..

With one top end rebuild, the bike was ridden constantly for the next 14 years, and 230,000kms.

After a few months working interstate, the owner decided to have the bike completely rebuilt, and it got the works.

New motor internals now bring it up to 89 cubic inches, the gearbox was completely rebuilt, and everything else either rechromed or replaced.

bringing it up to better than new, by Pieter from P&L Cycles at Toongabbie.

Be interesting to see what he does to it in another 15 years...

Forks are 2" over





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