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More and more WA Cruising

by Muzza

We had a overnight event at the Balingup tavern south of Bunbury.

All the comforts of home for a overnite ride in the SW of WA.


Some of the crew checking out gnomes in Gnomesville, it is something that started and has grown with people from all over the world having been and placed a gnome, big tourist thing.



On the road to Balingup, slow traffic, but boys in blue.,no





More bloody cameras, once one starts there is no end to it


The sound system on this bike kept these two in the mood for the evening.

Just hang of the rear and its as clear as a bell.


Set up for the night, which was not so quiet.


Front row seats, would have been nice to have had a hand set up the sleeping arrangements girls.


No prizes for what was going on here, no good by the look of it.


This is one way of getting a smile for the camera, Muzza in the thick of it again, sorry girls.


Some working on getting untidy.


Getting the girls ready, (t)its a dirty job but hey some one has to do it.


 The morning after, some had trouble standing up.








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