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A Few more shots from Muzza enjoying WA



Open road pleasure when heading home on the Busselton Hwy, only way to spend a Tuesday.


What is the speed limit here oh bugger will check next sign before the flash or the multiple coloured lights ( Red and Blue).


A nervous look for those nasty things in cars.



A Harley dream road, Ludlow tourist drive between Bunbury and Busselton.


Nice road during daylight hours and not so bike rider friendly when dark with the National symbol hops across the road at short notice. 



There is always some bugger with a camera on a nice day on the back road from Busselton to Bunbury.


Not a bad back drop when enjoying lunch, a couple of happy dolphins kept us amused while waiting for lunch.


Mid week lunch stop at Geographe Bay Marina tides tavern and restaurant, nice parking was not to popular with the green keeper.


A couple of nice bikes ready for a mid week ride, earlier model fat boy with a new lease of life (113 cu screaming eagle) still taking it easy for a few more Km's.














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