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Bindoon 2011

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Words and pics by Muzza

 A very warm day at Extreme Park the Coffin Cheaters Park at Bindoon North of Perth, short three hour ride up with a couple of speed traps and one major road stop by the boys in blue ,.but they were pretty good really just the normal blow in this until I say stop and license check. 


Running repairs



Racing starting with small bikes.



That front wheel, must try harder next time to keep in on the ground.


More single wheel action.

('king awesome..)


Racing starts with high spirits and everyone keen for a good day, this is what you expect from events here.


Good old paddle wheel doing its thing.


One very keen big bloke who was out time and time again, true performer.


Hang in there boys, just getting a little out of line must be the power and tired arms.


The young bloke did their very best to show their stuff.


Old ford entertaining during the breaks


Dry and dusty in pit row.


This machine was a hand full, would think we will see it in QLD for their racing.


Kids in action.





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