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WA just keeps on doin it....

words and pics by Muzza

We had another Charity bike run from Bunbury on the 3rd October, here is a shot of some of the early starters, ended up with a good group considering that the Harley Drags where on in Perth which a lot of locals attended.



More of the riders at the start point, Southwest Harley-Davidson Bunbury.

The owner "Paul" is a great supporter of the local events.


Great parking good thing no inspectors.


Doing what you do best.


No feeling on this one unless young or have padding.



That seat got attention

  Road shot in the back of Donnybrook, heart of apple growing area south of Bunbury.


Main drag Donnybrook, with street parking not so good with road trains running.(semi with up to 3 trailers)


Cookie in leather trying to tell local he is a nice guy, owner of trike sportie in shorts.


Local sporty with a different style not sure how well it would go in the wind maybe a shopping special.


more in a coupla days..





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