Central Coast Show

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Took a ride up the F3 to the Gosford turnoff, headed toward the reptile park, and without too much trouble, and thanks to no farking signage still managed to find this place...Few nice harleys and other bikes, MV's....couple of nice old British bikes, especially Marks great looking Vincent. Best of show, sportsbike was the blue sportster, pic 4 2nd row. Having a quiet soft drink, no alcohol there, at the kiosk and we have to be joined by plod, who just woke up after 40 minutes sitting in the car....is it me or that girl that attracts em?

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101_0115.JPG 101_0117.JPG 101_0118.JPG 101_0119.JPG 101_0120.JPG

Buzzed by a microlite or whatever it was....2nd ta bottom row. lucky with the rain, didnt get me for a change..piddled down earlier in the day ,in Sydney anyway, I was told. We got there around 2 and it was prizegiving, after which a lot of people buggered off, but the band played on, so we stayed awhile.

Not really a harley crowd, so I wont bother again....

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