League Ride

G'day mate'

Cam here...

 Thought I would drop ya' a few picz' from last w/end.

Last weekend was a seventies revival for the NRL / footy (unfortunately not union though), so they had a bunch of their old players from that time attend each of the games on. (from their respective clubs)

A mate (Leroy) from South Coast Customs gave me a bell, & said we were gonna ride the Cronulla Sharks' league legends around the field.



Was a great afternoon, good game (left at half time - after the sharks were like 56 - nil up against Manly), the cheerleaders were very cool (heh-heh),

the alcohol was runnin fine, & the food was tops !









Some of the picz' show the staging area, & others on the field, didn't think it was possible, but the noisy crowd at the game nearly drowned out our bikes pipes, heh-heh (guess it was lucky they didn't attach microphones near the swingarms & run the audio through the Sharks footy grounds speakers, eh)


Catch up soon, maybe the next H & F' run...










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