Chucked on the swag

& off we choofed into the Sunshine coast hinterland & Mary Valley for a coupla days......toured thru some of th best countryside in S/E Qld....we really tried to take in as much as we could of this pristine countyside, cause the sad thing about it all is our illustrious Premier Beattie (or is it Batty??) has decided in his wisdom to sink most of what we travelled thru under water with a grand "super dam" to supposedly help fix our states water crisis.


...well what a short sighted f%$kwit!!...they already abandoned th idea back in '94 after tests revealed it would be a totally unworkable venture.....& th people we met in th affected area that r gunna lose so much...from th poor couple that have sunk everything into their country store (& serves th best bacon & eggs on th planet..thanx "JD's") that are not elligible for compensation.... to th young barman & his family that'l lose their dream home...


there r literally hundreds of families goin thru sum tough crap at the moment....f%$k, I wish I could dam Beattie's joint!'d sure be a pleasure to see how he likes it!..........anyways, me & the girls had a great time enjoyin it all before it if anyone who hasn't done it yet...get on ya scoot & see it all before its too late, cause i tell ya....its a cryin shame whats about to happen!
cheers jimndagirls

ps.....sorry bout th posey photos....but hey, we gonna have proof we were in "Mary Valley's paradise".... before hell cometh over!
arrh ....f%$k it!....i'm gonna stop rabbittin & go fix me tyre!





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