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Hayne-linked ex-bikie jailed over bashing

Christopher Bloomfield has been jailed for bashing, extorting and threatening to kill a family.
Christopher Bloomfield has been jailed for bashing, extorting and threatening to kill a family.
A former Hell's Angel who featured in a social media video with rugby league player Jarryd Hayne has been jailed with another ex-bikie for bashing and extorting two other men involved in a drug deal.
Christopher Bloomfield was on Friday sentenced to four years and three months jail, to be suspended after 11 months, while co-accused Rhys Mirkin was given three years and nine months behind bars, suspended after nine months.
Bloomfield made national headlines in 2016 when he appeared in a controversial Snapchat video with Jarryd Hayne waving a wad of cash and saying "Sweet. Haynesy just gave me five grand."
Hayne later denied knowing who Bloomfield but was warned against associating with criminals by the NRL, which cleared him of wrongdoing.
Prosecutors are unsure how much methamphetamine Bloomfield and Mirkin supplied but estimate it was an ounce, leaving their victims with a $16,000 debt after the deal in late 2013.
Over the next six months, they pursued the man Mirkin had sold the drugs to, with Bloomfield acting as an enforcer trying to recoup the debt, Brisbane Supreme Court heard.
Bloomfield, a former Gold Coast Titans junior, bashed the man in a park, punching him several times before pulling a knife and cutting his victim's hand.
"You got carried away while trying to enforce the drug debt for Mirkin," Justice Debra Mullins said.
When the man the drugs were sold to didn't pay, Bloomfield turned on another man who had introduced them and said the debt was now his responsibility.
One way Bloomfield tried to encourage repayment was by taking the second man's BMW convertible and using it for four weeks.
He gave it back to the man so he could have it serviced but then reclaimed it for another two weeks, Justice Mullins said.
Bloomfield's next move was to text the man in January 2014, warning him off contacting police and saying that he knew where his family lived.
"You said that you would shoot every single one of them until you found him," Justice Mullins said.
Months later, Bloomfield went to the man's home and punched him in the mouth.
Both Bloomfield and Mirkin nodded as Justice Mullins said they now regretted their previous associations and the period of life during which they offended.