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A Rebels bikie clubhouse has been shut down and guns and drugs seized during a two-day police blitz in central western NSW.



Firearms, ammunition, fire crackers, a dart blower with darts, cannabis and steroids were seized from properties in Cowra linked to the Rebels and Bandidos outlaw motorcycle gangs (OMCG), police say.



One Rebels member was charged after police allegedly found a knife and knuckle dusters in his vehicle near Orange, while another Rebels nominee lost his licence for numerous driving offences when he was stopped in Lithgow.



"Any OMCG member who breaks the law, from traffic offences through to the possession of illegal weapons and other serious crimes, can expect to come to the attention of police," Superintendent Shane Cribb said on Thursday.



"The public should not have to put up with their criminal behaviour and we certainly won't tolerate it."



Police have issued a number of firearms prohibition orders and expect to lay further charges.