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'Bikie brawl': CCTV footage of alleged Rebels, Finks fight shown to Canberra court


Security footage of an alleged bikie brawl outside a busy Canberra shopping mall has been shown to the ACT Magistrates Court.

The footage was tendered as part of a bail application by 27-year-old Kirk Jacques Newman, a member of the Canberra chapter of the Rebels Motorcycle Gang.

Newman and two other members of the Rebels Motorcycle Gang were arrested last month over a fight outside the Belconnen Mall.

Newman, 35-year-old Lupe Ngata and 26-year-old Dean Reid, were charged with affray and participation in a criminal group.

The Magistrates Court was played the CCTV footage, which allegedly showed a violent fight between the Rebels and rival motorcycle gang the Finks.

The tape allegedly showed two members of the Finks leave the mall, only to be met outside by three other men, who attacked them, and stripped them of their jackets and club colours.

The court heard the Rebels members ran away, and left the two Finks naked from the waist up.

Police have alleged Newman, Ngata and Reid made up the group of three men in the footage, and that a small handgun was used to threaten one of the victims.

Newman's lawyer Paul Edmonds argued the footage was not clear enough to identify the attackers, and called for his client to be released.

Both of the victims have refused to cooperate with police, and the court heard there were no other witnesses, no admissions and no forensic evidence to link Newman to the crime.

But prosecutor Mark Fernandez warned that if Newman was released he would be walking into a "potentially very volatile situation".

"Where a rival motorcycle gang (has been) humiliated in a very public location," he said.

Chief Magistrate Lorraine Walker agreed there was a "risk of retaliation", but she said the major risk in granting bail was to the public at large.

Ms Walker refused Newman's bail until January.