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Alleged bikie fined for wearing club gear to Townsville Show

  • Rebels bikie vest.

    Rebels bikie vest.

    AN ALLEGED Rebels bikie member has been fined $2000 for wearing gang-branded clothing to the Townsville Show under Queensland’s controversial anti-bikie laws.

    Jason Michael Heang was spotted by police at the Townsville Show on Monday afternoon wearing a Rebels T-shirt, belt and rings.

    Heang pleaded guilty ­yesterday in Townsville Magistrates Court to wearing clothing or accessories that display names or club patches of a declared criminal organisation on a licensed premises.

    Police prosecutor Senior Constable Mick Whitty said Heang told police he didn’t ­realise the show was held on a licensed premises despite signs displayed at the entrance.

    “The defendant stated he did not know the showground was a licensed premise and if he did, he wouldn’t have worn the items,” he said.

    Heang was also charged under the same legislation in January 2014 for allegedly ­attending a public place with three or more participants of a criminal organisation. He was accused of meeting with two other alleged Rebels members at a gym in Deeragun.

    The three men had their homes raided, with police finding weapons, drugs and photographs of undercover police. Their case will now be heard by a Brisbane magistrate after an appeal in Townsville District Court was discontinued.

    Defence barrister Scott Geeves told the court yesterday his client had been ­mistaken about the showgrounds being a licensed venue.

    “He was with his young daughter when police effected the arrest,” he said.

    “I’m told it was a traumatic experience for her.”

    Heang’s daughter was collected by friends following the arrest on Monday.

    Magistrate Peter Smid fined Heang $2000, saying it was Heang’s third similar ­offence. what a load of shit, ridiculous

    Mr Smid also ordered forfeiture of the Rebels-branded clothing and accessories.

    The conviction follows the Labor Government announcing a taskforce to examine the state’s anti-bikie laws.

    The legislation was introduced in 2013 by the former Newman government.

    The laws also include banning criminal gang members from locations such as clubhouses and banning the ­recruitment of new members.

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