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Nomads bikie clubhouse in Chinchen Street, Islington raided by police

The Nomads clubhouse in Chinchen Street, Islington has been raided by police on Monday morning, with officers from Strike Force Raptor and the Newcastle Local Area Command emptying the buildings of their contents. 

At least ten police vehicles were on the scene during the height of the raid, including police rescue. 

A small number of club members were in the building when the police arrived, shortly after 11am. 

On arrival, one of the first actions by officers was to take down two Nomads signs from the buildings. 

A number of Nomads members arrived at the clubhouse shortly after noon and were allowed to retrieve more than half-a-dozen motorcycles from inside the premises. 

When one club member told the police he couldn’t put his bike on the road because it was unregistered he was told: “That’s your problem. Get a trailer.” 

Although club members were visibly upset at the raid, they accepted after reading the paperwork that there was nothing they could do about it. 

Club members have declined to comment and police say information will be made available later today. 

The raid is one of a number to have shut down motorcycle club premises in the Hunter and elsewhere across the state. 

It is understood the police are using the Restricted Premises Act of 1943 to justify the raids. 

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