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Bikies brawling in Canberra strip club likened to wild dogs by judge


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Video: Bikie brawl inside Canberra strip club (ABC News)

The behaviour of bikies caught up in a wild brawl in a Canberra strip club has been likened to a pack of wild dogs.

Nuulua Levi, 55, and Peniamina Elia, 34, are among several people charged over the brawl in August last year.

The two who were members of the Comanchero motorbike club came to Canberra as part of the group's 33rd memorial run.

The fight kicked off at about 3am, involving punching, kicking each other's head, headbutting and throwing items.

None of those involved would talk to police, so charges were laid based on evidence on CCTV footage.

Magistrate Ken Cush said it was a serious incident.

"Clearly, as a result of what happened in the Capital Men's Club, there was a considerable amount of violence," he said.

He also noted that although it was in a strip club, and in the early hours of the morning, the venue was open to the public.

Mr Crush added that staff, including the women working there lawfully, were vulnerable.

He said the men took a very active role in the brawl.

"There was plenty of opportunity for both to disengage," he said.