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Finks boss turned back from Bali over gang links

BALI has signalled it could be about to shut its doors to Australian bikies after the national president of the Finks was told this week he was not welcome on the holiday island because of his links to a “dangerous” gang.

Former Perth resident Kosh Radford, aka Koshan Rashidi, arrived in Bali on Wednesday night with his wife, infant child and mother-in-law, but was immediately stopped by immigration officers and refused entry.

He was sent straight back to Sydney on the next available flight.

Bali’s immigration chief Ari Budijanto yesterday confirmed Mr Radford had been banned from entering the island, saying it was his gang links that prompted the decision.

“Foreigners that are allowed to enter Indonesia are those who are beneficial for Indonesia,” Mr Budijanto said.

“Foreigners who are rejected from entering Indonesia are foreigners that allegedly could causes restlessness and disturb national security.”

The decision is likely to cause concerns for many WA-based bikies whose gangs have been heavily expanding their operations into Bali in recent years.

The Rebels, Finks and Bandidos are just some of the clubs that have established permanent “chapters” on the island.

Finks bikies chief Kosh Radford is checked by security staff at a Danny Green fight in 2009.

Some senior members are also believed to have invested heavily in real estate and local businesses such as bars and nightclubs.

Authorities in Australia refused to say yesterday if they had tipped off their Indonesian counterparts about Mr Radford’s travel plans.

“Any decision to deny a person’s entry into a country is a matter for authorities in that country,” an Australian Federal Police spokesman said.

But a document shown in Bali that appeared to be from Australian officials advises of the time and flight number that Mr Radford was due to arrive on.


“Finks National President Kosh Radford ... is departing Australia today, Wednesday 8 November 2017 on QF43 arriving Denpasar at 8.20pm,” the document said.

Balinese authorities were also supplied with a picture of Mr Radford to help identify him when he arrived.