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Jarryd Hayne’s $5,000 party with alleged bikie enforcer

FOOTBALL great Jarryd Hayne has been caught on video appearing to give an alleged Hells Angels bikie enforcer a $5000 wad of cash.

News Corp exclusively has obtained footage of the Titans star joy-riding around the Gold Coast with alleged bikie Chris Bloomfield the night after his loss to Brisbane on Friday.

Hayne is now under investigation by the NRL Integrity Unit which will probe his dealings with alleged criminals.

“Haynsey just gave me five grand,” the alleged bikie standover man says while holding a giant wad of cash to the camera.

Hayne responds by shrugging his shoulders and saying: “cash money fam, cash money. Give me a f---ing cigarette.”

A grab of the video.

Jarryd Hayne and Chris Bloomfield appeared in the footage.

Former Titans player Nene MacDonald is also under investigation after News Corpobtained a photo of him alongside the same alleged bikie enforcer on Instagram.

NRL sources confirm Hayne has been previously warned by the integrity unit about associating with alleged criminals.

“The integrity unit is aware of the video and we will investigate the matter which involves both players,” a spokesman said.

Bloomfield is facing extortion charges at Southport Magistrate Court and is known to detectives in Queensland’s Taskforce Maxima.


The footage was sent from Bloomfield’s Snapchat account to close friends.

The series of videos obtained show Hayne holding a drink at a house party on the Gold Coast before hopping into a car blasting Lose Yourself by Eminem.

“Tear this motherf---ing roof off like two dogs caged,” Hayne shouts from the back of a car being driven by Bloomfield.

Titans sources confirmed both players could not be contacted yesterday as they were involved in “Mad Monday” celebrations in Coolangatta.

Hayne is now under investigation by the NRL Integrity Unit which will probe his dealings with alleged criminals.

The club is aware of the incident and will aid the integrity unit’s investigation. The clips were filmed and sent between 10.30pm on Saturday and 4am the following morning.

Hayne had inked a two-season $1.2 million dollar-a-year deal with the Titans six weeks earlier.

Bloomfield, 26, recently posted a photo to his Instagram account wearing a Hells Angels vest. He has a “one per cent” tattoo on his neck above the acronym HAMC. The Hells Angels motorcycle club has been declared a criminal organisation under Queensland law.

MacDonald played his last game with the Titans on Friday after signing a three-year deal with St George Dragons.

He was pictured on Bloomfield’s Instagram account in a convertible holding a can of Canadian Club a few days ago.

The words “Nothing but good times” were stamped on the image.

Bloomfield’s post tags @nenemacdonald and says “the weekend was Lit den a bitch”.

The footage and posts have emerged after senior Sydney crime squad police in May warned three other NRL players about consorting with alleged criminals.

Hayne does a Hunt

Bloomfield, a former Titans under-20 star tipped for big things on the field, is awaiting trial in the Southport District Court on charges of extortion, assault occasioning bodily harm while armed and stealing.

During a committal hearing in Southport Magistrates Court in January this year, the victim of the alleged extortion said the drug debt passed to him after his friend couldn’t pay. It is alleged Bloomfield and the two other alleged Hells Angels took the man’s BMW, assaulted him at his parents’ home and threatened to kill his family.

Back in April, 2015, police were in the middle of raiding a Hells Angels clubhouse in Burleigh Heads when Bloomfield coincidentally turned up and interrupted the search.

Police seized ice, ecstasy and cocaine worth $15,000 from the premises during the raid. Bloomfield was not accused of any involvement with the drugs. At the time, police claimed the house owner, a patched member of the Hells Angels, also arrived during the search. He was later charged with four counts of dangerous drug possession.