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A young Melbourne man who was fatally shot last month appears to have been caught up in a bikie war in a case of mistaken

The father of Muhammed “Mo” Yucel - who was gunned down in the garage of his mate's place allegedly by bikies - said the same laws used to treat terrorists should apply to organised crime groups.

In a tragic ‘wrong place, wrong time’ scenario, Mo, was playing video games with his friends when shots were fired at the garage, killing him and leaving his two friends wounded.

Mo was gunned down in his friend's garage. Photo: Channel 7

The Herald Sun reports that investigators believe the gunmen meant to kill a former Mongols MC bikie, who lived in a similar-looking house in the street.

Mo’s dad, Bekir Yucel said “there could have been seven bodies carried out of that place that night” and that police should re-evalute the laws used to treat bikies.

“You can get locked up just for talking about it [terrorism] online ... I don’t know why these people are not ruled under the same laws, because they are terrorists — they’re terrorising people.”

Several gun shots were fired at the garage door. Photo: Channel 7

Members of the Comanchero MC are suspected by police of organising the hit for the night of May 2.

Initially detectives thought Mr Yucel's death was the result of a fight over a girl, but the theory was ruled out after the discovery of organised crime links.

Underworld sources have told The Herald Sun that the shooting was a planned attack as payback for an altercation a fortnight earlier.

Detectives believe the bikies were meant to target another similar-looking house in the street. Photo: Channel 7

The intended bikie target was known to police for several incidents, including for his associations with the controversial Islamic centre, Al-Furqan.