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Rebels MC Australia

Bikie ‘hid loaded gun in buttocks’

Rebels MC Australia


A REBELS Outlaw Motorcycle Gang member has been charged with a string offences after police located a loaded handgun concealed between his buttocks.

Officers from City Criminal Investigation and Taskforce Maxima initiated a search of the man’s Mercedes on Felix Street, Brisbane and his inner city apartment on Monday.

Police located a handgun in the rear of his vehicle and after searching both his apartment and his persons, police discovered a second loaded handgun “secreted between his buttocks.”

“It was great work by City officers acting promptly on reported suspicious activity and conducting a thorough search of the vehicle,” Taskforce Maxima Commander Mick Niland said.

“Those that associate with OMCGs have to realise there is a cost and a risk to being a member or an associate of these crime gangs and organised crime. You will continue to be targeted relentlessly by all QPS officers.”

The man is expected to appear in Brisbane Magistrates Court on December 21 charged with unlawfully possessing weapons including two handguns, a silencer, a taser, explosives, and possession of dangerous drugs, utensils and tainted property.