A Queensland police officer with a Taser appears in a video posted to Facebook.

A Queensland police officer with a Taser appears in a video posted to Facebook. Photo: Supplied

The Gold Coast cop who shot to viral infamy after an online video showed her pulling a Taser on two Victorian tourists is under investigation by the corruption watchdog.

A Crime and Corruption Commission spokesman confirmed the organisation was investigating "allegations of corrupt conduct" stemming from the incident.

Hayley Van Hostauyen and her alleged Rebels bikie gang member boyfriend Clayton Foelmli, were pulled over on a major freeway in Broadbeach Waters on October 26 after police officers noticed his prominent neck tattoo.

She posted a video of the incident to Facebook, saying the police officers spotted Mr Foelmli's neck tattoo while waiting at a set of red lights next to the couple who were in their rental car.


The video shows the Victorian man saying he isn't doing anything illegal, to which the police officer replies, "You don't have to be, mate."

The officer told the man to hand over the phone he was recording with but he refused and reached into his car, police said.


The Facebook post alleged four police officers strip searched the man and the officer made a deal that the man delete the footage or get his phone and his partner's phone confiscated for 28 days.

The man deleted the video, but it had already been backed up.

News Corp reported there were allegations video footage of the incident from a police-worn body camera had been deleted.

The video caused a stir online, racking up almost 3.4 million views on Facebook to date, and the officer faced a storm of criticism but a police investigation found the officer's actions were lawful and reasonable.

"When this gentleman unexpectedly reached into the car, the officers immediately feared for their safety and drew the Taser as a precaution," Gold Coast Inspector Shane Holmes said at the time.

"It emerged he was retrieving his ID but the officers were not to know this and their actions were completely appropriate in the circumstances."

Inspector Holmes said the man wasn't "just a random Victorian tourist" and was pulled over after officers noticed a gang-type tattoo on the man's neck and cheeks which they say revealed he was a Rebels bikie gang member.

"The Crime and Corruption Commission (CCC) is investigating allegations of corrupt conduct relating to an interaction between police officers and two members of the public on the Gold Coast," a CCC spokesman said in a statement on Thursday.

"As the investigation remains ongoing, the CCC is unable to comment further."

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